Experience Makes The Difference

My name is Mark Reed and this is where I get a chance to tell you a little about myself and my law practice. I grew up in a small town in Kentucky. In that little town people worked hard for what they got. If you asked them why they worked so hard they would most likely respond that they were doing it for their family. And usually playing by those rules worked out for them. But sometimes things did not work out. A spouse strayed. A child chose the wrong path. Sickness came and jobs left. In short, the rain fell on the just and the unjust. But yet they persevered. Sometimes their beliefs were shaken, yet almost without exception, they never gave up.

I have been in Cincinnati for decades now, but I have never forgotten the lesson that people, all of us imperfect in our own way, are worth fighting for. And that those people who work and try so hard, and yet sometimes fall short, are just as deserving of a good lawyer as those who sit in glass offices on Wall Street.

I am an experienced attorney including having served as a magistrate in Ohio courts for twenty years. While I enjoy being in a courtroom, I believe that most cases can be settled without having to go to trial. I care deeply about creating successful outcomes for our clients. We are dedicated to working hard for you and take great pride in delivering results for you through quality personal service.


Most every business develops something like a mission statement. This law practice is no different. The mission of this firm can be summarized as commitment to the "3A's". Those principles are as follows:

  • Accessible: People having legal issues or concerns should have timely access to an attorney and they should be able to access that attorney in a variety of ways depending upon their life circumstances. To that end we offer free initial consultations both in office and online.

  • Attentive: The lifeblood of any relationship is open and regular communication. The relationship between attorney and client is no different. We will return calls, emails and texts as soon as practical. Clients will be notified promptly of any new developments in their legal matters. Client files are reviewed on a regular basis to determine if changes in approach or strategy are necessary.

  • Affordable: Our fees are structured so as to provide cost effective solutions to the legal issues of our clients. Fees are provided in writing and clients are given an opportunity to pay by a variety of means including by credit card.

What the "3A's" really stand for is a commitment to the idea that a law firm should be set up to serve clients, not the other way around. That’s what we mean when we say we are client centered and solution focused.